I figured out today how to set up my own apt-source. With two packages uploaded to Debian, and a third on the way, I figured I might as well reorganise my own pages to facilitate easier downloading. Debian NEW processing seems to take a long time.

I was pleasantly suprised about how easy it is; this is what I did

eternity:~% mkdir -p public_html/debian/pool/main
eternity:~% cd public_html/debian/
eternity:~/public_html/debian% mkdir -p pool/main/{metar,airt,pcproxy}
eternity:~/public_html/debian% mkdir -p dists/sid/main/{binary-i386,source}
eternity:~/public_html/debian% ln -s sid dists/unstable

Then, I copied my metar files to pool/main/metar, my airt files to pool/main/airt and my pcproxy files to pool/main/pcproxy.

All that remains now is

# apt-get install dpkg-dev

eternity:~/public_html/debian% cat > overrides
airt optional main
metar optional main
pcproxy optional main

eternity:~/public_html/debian% dpkg-scanpackages pool overrides > \

eternity:~/public_html/debian% gzip dists/sid/main/binary-i386/Packages

eternity:~/public_html/debian% dpkg-scansources pool > \

You are now ready to add http://www.leune.org/debian to /etc/apt-sources.list. Simply dselect update and apt-get install metar and you're done!