I will be visiting the open days of the Royal Netherlands Air Force tomorrow. I will be bringing one of my radios to listen to the communications that the pilots will have. I'll have the scanner set up with the following frequencies:

  1. 125.325 MHz - Gilze-Rijen Tower (VHF)

  2. 369.600 MHz - Gilze-Rijen Tower (UHF)

  3. 119.600 MHz - Gilze-Rijen Ground (VHF)

  4. 336.450 MHz - Gilze-Rijen Ground (UHF)

  5. 307.175 MHz - groups ops for the Pilatus PC-7 demo

Update: Both tower frequencies are linked (i.e., it does not matter to which one you listen) and they are used fairly intesively. Ground is also used and both ground frequencies are linked too. All frequencies were monitored on June 16th, 2005.