Today we went geocaching for the first time. Lou‑Anne, Paulette, myself and Battlegirl set out around 11:30 to find a cache in 'Huis ter Heide' nature preserve.

The route took us past a few very pretty and pitoresque areas, and we found the cache without too much effort. The walk back to the car was quick (maybe a half hour) and by 17:00, we were home again.

When you follow the directions closely, the assignments are not hard to do, and you'll be on a walk of about 3½-4 hours.

One of the quirks about Geocaching is that there is a treasure chest with items in it. When you find it, you are are supposed to take one or two items out, and put something back in it. We took a post‑it notepad and a whistle out, and put a heart‑shaped key ring and a Google pen back in.